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Located in Huangyan District. It has been specializing in producing plastic injection moulds.Kevplas Mould provide the moulds and the plastic products to lots of areas all around the world such as Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa,South America.

        Taizhou Huangyan Kevplas Mould Co.,Ltd is a professional injection mold manufacturer.Our company is located in the Mold Town of China — Huangyan,Taizhou.Our company is equipped with the independent technical research and development,quality control department,has a group of high-quality management, research and development talents and a strong innovation capability.we specialize in the R&D and fabrication of plastic furniture molds, plastic crate and container molds, plastic tableware molds Pipe fitting mold, household  molds and all kinds of commodity molds.    Our company is wellequipped with global first-class machining facilities and equipments as well as the most qualified trained employees.We have many advanced machines  which can make three-dimensional designing and technical drawings with CAD/CAE/CAMaccording to our customer’s requirements.  There is a wide variety of sophisticated equipments imported from abroad such as 3-coordinate measure CNC imitating milling machine,large precision EDM,high-speed millingmachine,injection machine,spot machine,wire cutting machine and so on.  All the molds supplied by our company are with the features as following:high precision,long life,short Production cycle&delivery time,reasonable price and satisfactory services,Our molds have enjoyed great popularity and high credit internationally.  Our company follows this eternal quality policy:“Customer’s satisfaction is our permanent Pursuit”.Quality is always our first priority,we do welcome all the overseas and domesticcustomers to our company for visiting and negotiation.

        How to Ensure Quality ?

           More than 20 years from China's accession to the WTO, China is the largest plastic producer, and the most famous mold production is in Taizhou. In the field of molds, despite the fierce competition, we always adhere to one philosophy:“The best products come from persistence and focus”For us, the quality of the product is a priority.

        To ensure the mold quality, there are some main processes need to pay attention to:

index_aboutSteelThe capacity of China steel factory still cannot meet the needs of mold making industrial,the steel used in mold making are mostly high standards and special steel, it's a basic element to build high quality molds, however, some mold factories fail to get genuine steel if they happen to deal with the steel vendor without honesty. It's very important to use reliable sources for steel. Currently, LKM is the largest steel and mold base producer in China and recognized as a quality guaranteed supplier, and there are some other agents of European brand in China.
Research and developmentIt's a trend to invest on research and development in mold making technology, for the past 30 years, China mold making capacity is basically gained from coping the way of developing countries. China mold factories rely heavily on the import machining equipment and CAD/CAE/CAM technology. Along with Chinese economic fast growing, some of the Chinese mold factories realized the shortages and noticed the big devolving space, it's happy to see that in the earliest future made in China becomes to create in China.
Human resourcesPeople might have an impression that China is full of cheap human resources. The truth is we do have lots of labors but we are seriously lack of skillful mold makers. It takes years to have well trained mold making technicians and engineers, we have to leave this problem to time.

        Why choose our company to be your business partner?

        Because you will find that it will be a wisdom decision you have ever been made that you choose Zhongbo MOULD to be your business partner and supplier. It is sure that the mould maker save cost and bring you big profit.

1.Innovative engineering and design

2.Knowledge and competitive price

3.Decreased cycle time

4.Minimal service requirements

5.Reduce resign consumption

6.Weekly project schedule report

7.Customer owns the mould

8.After sales service

9.Plastic injections mould making

10.Plastic injection molding services, we have serveral injection molding machineS(2100T).

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